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Wedding Pricing




  • All Packages ends at 12 midnight, Additional fee may be charge for events beyond this time. Please consult with your sales rep.

  • Labour and Transportation Cost included in all prices above.

  • Tobago weddings: $2,500 additional (Inter-island Ferry Transport for vehicle, staff and two-night accommodation, due to the sailing schedule).

  • All prices are listed in Trinidad and Tobago dollars





Units refers to the number of Fixture or lighting equipment that the package contains


 Special Effect:


Low Fog 

Cost varies between days of effect as we would need to purchase additional Dry ice for effect for a weekend or long weekends. The current cost is $75.00 every day after the last working day of the week. e.g. If the last working day is Friday and the event is on Saturday cost will be $900.00 (Plus Transport). If the last working day is Thursday, the event is on Saturday, this will be one (1) extra day's cost (+$75), ie $900.00 (plus transport) + 75.00.  


Sound System and Deejay

Our Sound system includes full digital mixing, all deejay equipment, console and cordless microphone of the best quality.

Deejay service will be of highest quality to ensure your guest are entertained throughout the night.

Our speakers will be spread around the circumference of the room ensure there is proper audio level for your guests. Your Videographer will also get a digital connection for audio feed into their recording devices.

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