Lighting for all Events


Room Up Lighting at Gulf View community centre

Get that instant 

'wow' factor with vibrant up lights at your next event.

Adding color and lighting brings life and excitement into your venue and not only changes the look of the venue, but changes the feel of the event. Our lights transform a room to give it that “WOW” factor when you and your guests walk in


Pin Spot for your wedding cake, Birthday cake, or center pieces

Add intimacy to your table and bring out your centerpieces by shooting a focus spotlight on them.

We use state the art LED pin spots. These pin spots allow us to the set their color. Meaning, we can pin spot your centerpieces, cake, head table or any feature in your event in any color you want,  now that’s choice!


Wash lighting for stage backdrop at Lions Cultural club
Get a nice even color glow in your room to help bring out your decor or theme 
Wash lighting is the technique of evenly applying (colored) lights in your room with our lighting. LED based fixtures are mounted really high on a stand or attached to the ceiling, and are pointed down on the area that they are “washing” with light.


Monogram projection for wedding at Angostura
Custom gobo projection is the easiest way to personalize your event! Whether its your monogram, or company logo, there is no better way to brand the event.  A gobo projection can be projected on just about anything, other than glass walls. The darker the area the gobo is projected in, the more dramatic and accurate the gobo looks. Gobo projection can be done indoors and outdoors. It is very likely that we have done gobo projection in your venue before, if you don’t know where to place it, just ask us.