Special Effects 

You must have the 'WOW' Factor.

Dance on a Cloud

Dancing on a cloud, Low fog effect
The ideal time for this effect is during your first dance, but if you want to add a little bit of flavor to your entrance, have a burst of dry ice shot through your venue doors before you enter the room. This will build the suspense and the excitement of your guests, and will give you the grand entrance you deserve on your big night!

Snow Fall

Snow fall for your winter theme

With our artificial snow and effects, we can help you with your winter wedding ideas and provide something as simple as falling snow after the ceremony to total snow dressing and heavy snowfall for a fantastic wedding reception party.

Confetti Pop

The Funfetti Shot works with Funfetti Shot Refill – Color, Funfetti Shot Refill – Mirror, and Funfetti Shot Refill – UV, as well as most other confetti types. It is easily controlled from the display,

Bubble Fall

Bubble fall for your wedding or parties

There's nothing quite like floating soap to make the party wonderful. Party Bubble Machine comes in a sturdy black metal case with an adjustable metal handle, and features multiple bubble wands mounted on a carousel that produce a continuous stream of bubble

Cold Sparks

Cold Spark Machine is a DMX-controllable device that can project a 3 to 16 foot fountain of cold sparks.

With a simulated sparkler fountain machine you can create spectacular indoor displays for such events as:

​Holiday celebrations.
Parties of all types.
Business launches.
Weddings & Reception.
Indoor concerts.